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Meet Valeria Grunbaum

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Meet Valeria Grunbaum

No one is born a salesperson… but every business owner should be one.

Without sales, there is no business. It’s that simple. Yet, over the years I have met countless business owners who don’t consider themselves salespeople. Some might even say they dislike it, or weren’t born to do sales. However, the real problem is not often a true distaste for it—it’s a lack of knowhow. I know this because I’ve been stuck in the same mindset. But it was only when I embraced the importance of sales and started developing my own process with some outside help that I started closing the multi-million-dollar deals that have shaped my success. This process can be applied to any industry, and I’m here to share that process with other entrepreneurs.

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Get started on your
PATH to Selling™

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