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Learn 3 SECRETS The TOP 1% of Sales Pros Use To Easily CLOSE MORE Sales!

The Fearless
PATH of Selling™:

Blueprint and
Coaching Program

5 easy-to-follow training modules and that can be reviewed at you own pace.

  • Learn how to maximize your results by getting your Marketing and Sales to work together
  • Understand your customer’s buyer cycle
  • Identify when and how you need to shift your strategy to increase your sales
  • Learn how to neutralize challenges 
  • Understand the 4 types of customers, and how you need to communicate with them to increase your chances of closing the sale
  • Identify the steps to lower your marketing costs and increase your sales 
  • Transform your future to create the life that you’ve always dreamed of
VG Day

How to Build
a Superstar
Sales Team

  • Know The 5 critical questions to ask yourself to decide if you are ready to build a sales team
  • Clarify the 11 qualities of a Superstar Sales Team
  • Learn who, when, and how to hire your key salespeople
  • Discover the 6 things you need to learn about your salespeople
  • Increase your retention level and stop losing your sales agents to your competition after you trained them
  • How to move your sales team from Order-Takers to Sales-Makers
How to Build a Superstar Sales Team

7-Part Fearless
Selling Script

  • Learn the 7-part sales scripts that your business should have
  • Discover the 4 sales scripts that can multiply your sales when done right
  • Use the WTG approach to lead the customer to the next step
  • Learn the steps that will take you from information to implementation
  • Discover what Top Producers do to get the results they have
Part Fearless Selling Script

Understanding Personality Styles to Increase Your Sales

Live — 2 Hour Masterclass

  • Improve your connection with your customers
  • Discover the pattern of behaviors and their effects in your sales communication with your customer
  • Understand that the way that everyone buys is different but predictable different
  • Learn how the customers need to receive the message to improve your results and your customer’s experience
Understanding Personality Styles to Increase Your Sales

Personalized 1-on-1 Sales & Marketing
Strategy Session

Review and Improve your Sales & Marketing plan

Learn what you need to shift that will support your sales growth

Get ideas and strategies to implement in your sales and marketing plan

Bring your business partner at no additional cost